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Artist Statement
The best thing I have learned about being an artist is the fact that you are the most interesting thing about yourself. We are all just trying to tell a story after all, and the more honest and personal we are the stronger we connect with an audience.
My photographs are all about how I see the world, the incredible experiences I am exposed to and the parts of those experiences I think are worth recording or strike me as beautiful or provocative or weird.
I have shot with various cameras and phones over the years but now I put them all through an app that makes them square and saturates the colors, like a Polaroid. I like the ease of ultra-modern devices to take the pictures but I prefer to look at them through the gauze of a yesteryear aesthetic. I don’t like things too clean, too sharp, too HD. My life is a colorful blur, and so I think it only appropriate that the pictures I take embody that too.
- Alan Cumming